SMCCD CollegeSource

CollegeSource provides a list of course matches between Skyline College, College of San Mateo and Cañada College and other colleges and universities. CollegeSource is used as a tool to compare external coursework taken at other colleges with courses at our SMCCCD colleges, to determine the applicability of external coursework to courses and local general education requirements.      

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Guide: How to Use CollegeSource

For California Community Colleges (CCCs), CollegeSource will only display course matches and some local GE approvals. For the most up-to-date CSU GE, IGETC and Transferability information for other CCCs please visit 


  1. Information found in CollegeSource should be used solely as reference and not an SMCCCD official evaluation. IGETC, CSU GE, local GE attributes and course matches are subject to change with new information. All students should make an appointment with an Academic Counselor for academic planning. 
  2. California transfer articulation is complicated. Transcript Evaluation Services (TES) evaluates course matches and GE attributes, separately. Although we may deem an external course a match to one of our district courses, it does not always mean that the external course will also meet the requirements for CSU GE and/or IGETC that our local course(s) currently have. Therefore, not all course matches will have the same CSU GE/IGETC/local GE approvals as our district courses. 
  3. SMCCCD CollegeSource information is for internal use, only. Please note that other schools are not bound by the transfer evaluations found on our CollegeSource website, nor are we bound by their transfer evaluations. Although one college may grant a course certain CSU GE/IGETC approvals, it does not mean TES can abide by their approvals and automatically grant the same approval. Each college or university has the right to determine their own transfer decisions.
  4. TES requires syllabi for any reevaluation request for IGETC, CSU GE and/or course matches and only re-evaluates for students who have already received an official SMCCCD Transcript Evaluation. Please note, syllabi must be from the same term the student took the course as courses can change over time. Please send to
  5. External courses matched to a "TRNS XXX" signify that we currently do not have a 1-to-1 course match in our current catalogs. These transfer courses may still be eligible for applicability to specific general education or major requirements. Please consult with an Academic Counselor for further assistance.