Transcript Evaluation

Students with college or university coursework completed outside San Mateo County Community College District should submit official transcripts from all previously attended schools to the Admissions & Records Office at their home college.  Questions regarding receipt of transcripts should be directed to the Admissions & Records Office at a student's home college.

They should then request an official evaluation of that coursework from Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) in the first weeks of their first term of enrollment at Cañada College, College of San Mateo or Skyline College.  Transcript Evaluation requests are submitted through a student's WebSMART account. 

Evaluation results serve as the district’s official response providing students and counselors essential information for academic planning and are available in Degree Works™.  Admissions & Records Offices use evaluation results to confirm certificate or degree completion, CSU GE certification or IGETC certification.

Transcripts must be official and list final grades for all courses. Any course with an I, IP, RD may delay an evaluation and require written explanation for not having a final grade in the course.

Lower-division associate degree-applicable coursework completed with an A, B, C, D, F, CR or P is reviewed, analyzed, and applied, as appropriate, to educational goals in SMCCCD. Courses with W, NC or NP notations are not reviewed.

Grade Point Average (GPA) may be affected by coursework applied from these transcripts. SMCCCD maintains student GPA in four categories.

  1. DISTRICT GPA - Associate degree-applicable and non-degree applicable courses completed in SMCCCD. The DISTRICT GPA determines ACADEMIC STANDING.
  2. INSTITUTIONAL GPA - Only associate degree-applicable courses completed in SMCCCD. Non-degree applicable courses are excluded from this GPA which is not used for ACADEMIC STANDING.
  3. TRANSFER GPA - TES evaluated lower-division associate degree-applicable coursework from colleges and universities outside SMCCCD. Your TRANSFER GPA does not affect ACADEMIC STANDING.
  4. OVERALL GPA - Inclusive of INSTITUTIONAL GPA and TRANSFER GPA as described above. OVERALL GPA is not used for ACADEMIC STANDING but determines Honors eligibility.

A completed transcript evaluation CANNOT be removed from a student's overall SMCCCD academic history under any circumstance.